Introduction to GDIAG4 troubleshooter

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Introduction to GDIAG4 troubleshooter
A combination of beauty and efficiency with the use of modern technology

Troubleshooter GDIAG4 is a new Diag device with color display. GDIAG4 is a modern, efficient and new device from the family of Mahad troubleshooting products, which is designed inspired by Mahad in the field of troubleshooting, and the demands and needs of customers. Color and touch screen with a simple keyboard, ergonomic shape and form and the possibility of WiFi communication, designed and produced. GDIAG4 is a product that covers the different needs and tastes of users and can be used for a wide range of troubleshooting applications.

GDIAG4 diagnostic device specifications
Color graphic display
Touch screen
Keyboard with only four keys
Ergonomic form to prevent fatigue during use
Support for KWP200, CAN, J1850 troubleshooting protocols
No need for mains or internal battery charging
The weight of the device without bag and cable and troubleshooting connectors is 800 grams
Dimensions of the device are 250 mm by 145 mm by 78 mm

GDIAG4 Troubleshooter Features
Supports a wide range of domestic and foreign vehicles
Troubleshooting, defining keys and remotes, configuring and downloading various car ICUs and units
Troubleshooting gas-powered vehicles and multiplex vehicles
Eliminate troubleshooting interface cables required in the previous generation
Higher performance speeds than the previous generation
Support for light, heavy vehicles, boats and jet skis
Persian language support
Possibility to connect to smartphone and UDIAG troubleshooting application (custom)

Advantages of GIDIAG4 diagnostic device
Remove interface cables and similar connectors

In this series of products of Mahad Company, diagnostic devices need only one connector to connect to the vehicle and communicate with different ECUs and units of the vehicle, and there is no need to use interface cables or different connectors during communication with vehicle units. Fewer troubleshooting connectors than the previous generation, easier user interface and higher accuracy in troubleshooting are the most prominent features of the new generation of Mahad troubleshooting devices.

Support for various diagnostic protocols on one device

GDIAG4 supports most of the various troubleshooting protocols used in domestic, European, East Asian and American vehicles. Supports KWP200, ISO9141, VAG, LIN, J1855 and CAN. However, it is no longer necessary to use the specific relationships of each protocol to communicate with the vehicle. Light vehicles, small and medium boats and jet skis are usually 12 volts and heavy vehicles are 24 volts. The GDIAG4 is capable of supporting 12V and 24V systems.

Connect to a smartphone (Udiag app)
The new generation of troubleshooters can connect to a smartphone via WiFi. This feature can be customized for GDIAG4. In this regard, and when the UDIAG application (UDIAG) is installed on the smartphone, troubleshooting can be done easily through the UDIAG application. In this case, the GDIAG4 acts as an interface between the smartphone and the car. Display more parameters simultaneously and side by side, the ability to take photos of software pages and share it, graphical and color user interface are among the features of performing troubleshooting with the Udiag application.

Higher performance speed with new processors

GDIAG4 can offer a variety of troubleshooting capabilities due to the use of new generation fast processors. Displaying multiple parameters on a single page, graphical display of parameters, and a variety of other capabilities made it possible to use fast processors.

No need for mains or internal battery charging

GDIAG4, like the previous generation of Mahad Troubleshooting products, does not require utility power, an adapter or a built-in battery charger, and only uses a car or boat battery for work. It can also be used in moving vehicle tests (road tests) and moving boat and jet ski tests.

Update via WiFi and file
GDIAG4 troubleshooters have the ability to be updated via file as well as online with a WiFi connection. In order to be able to upgrade GDIAG4 via file, you need a PC or phone and tablet and connect it to the GDIAG4 device via USB port. You also need to request the upgraded files of your device with Mahad Customer Service Center at Call 02634107.
But if you are looking for an easier way to update your GDIAG4 device, we suggest you update it online. The GDIAG4 Troubleshooter can automatically update itself if it has Internet access. This update can update the Troubleshooter and the operating system of the device.
Wi-Fi network that has internet can be provided by phone hotspot, ADSL WiFi router or any other device. Program update time depends on the number of applications, Internet speed, and server traffic. If the device is disconnected from the server during the upgrade process, the upgrade process will continue after reconnection. Note that Internet Update only updates the apps you have purchased.

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